If you have a retail store and do not have your products online, you are losing over 60% of your business to your competition. The simple fact is that as business owners, we cannot dictate where our customers are looking to find our products or services. Over the past few years, retail sales have grown to over 1 trillion per year. The shift from physical stores to retail websites is thanks to lower prices, greater convenience, broader selection, and richer product information.

The simple fact is that E-Commerce offers: 

  • Both short and long descriptions of the products allowing the consumer to be fully informed
  • 24/7 access
  • An unlimited audience
  • Exact demographics of your customer base
  • Much lower overhead expenses, which can reduce the cost of products
  • High quality images allowing for the consumers to see the details of the product they are purchasing


Many business owners hire our firm to increase the local sales of the products they are selling in a retail location. The fact is that bringing your store online, while having a local retail establishment, is one of the strongest ways to increase your overall sales. The fact that you have a local establishment also brings credibility to your online store.

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